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Данни внезапно дала обширное интервью, и помимо ошеломляющего утверждения, что колола ботокс только для того, чтоб скрывать эмоции (в отношении Кайли), да и в остальном, кажется, говорила только про Кайли. В частности для тех, кто не понял с первого раза из интервью Кайли тому же изданию, Данни любезно повторяет: Кайли не может иметь детей, а ирония этого состоит в том, что именно Кайли всегда хотела ребенка, а Данни не хотела никогда.

Источник: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/2017/01/0 ... sed-child/

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Dannii Minogue: I feel sorry for Kylie because she always wanted kids more than me… but it was I who was 'blessed' with a child

Health crises, relationship breakdowns and a love-affair scandal – it’s fair to say Dannii Minogue has been through the mill. Now back on TV after a six-year break, she says she’s stronger, and happier, than ever

It has been six years since Dannii Minogue disappeared from British television and the high-profile lifestyle that comes with being one half of one of the most famous sister acts in celebrity culture.

But last night Dannii, 45, returned to our screens as a judge on Gary Barlow’s new prime-time BBC show, Let It Shine, in which he, Dannii and former Spandau Ballet-bassist-turned-actor Martin Kemp are searching for five young performers to play members of Take That in an upcoming West End show based on their story.

Bake Off’s Mel Giedroyc and Graham Norton present the show. Dannii’s looking, she says, for contestants with grit. ‘You need that in this business to survive,’ she explains. ‘You need grit to get up and smile when everything else in life is going wrong.’
The last time I saw Dannii, in 2011, things were going very wrong. She was painfully thin, dealing with new motherhood and ill health (she had just been diagnosed with a severe thyroid condition), and was in the first throes of what would become a separation from her (now six-year-old) son Ethan’s father, the British model Kris Smith.

‘That was an awful time,’ she recalls. ‘I was getting thinner by the day and even when it was hot outside I was freezing cold. I was beside myself. But it was because my hair started coming out in clumps that I knew it was more than postnatal exhaustion, and so I went to have a blood test.’

The upshot is that ‘for the past six years I’ve been on medication. It took time to start feeling OK, but I’m so much better. I tell any woman who has had a baby to get herself checked out, because you’re so hardwired to looking after your child that the last person you think about is yourself – and it can all go wrong very, very fast.’

It is good to see her looking well. For the past two years she’s been in a low-key relationship with the 43-year-old musician and record producer Adrian Newman, and says she has a ‘very sorted’ relationship with Smith. The smile on her face looks unforced and natural.

(Back in 2009 she told me, ‘Whenever I was unhappy I’d have Botox to freeze my face and hide all the emotions. When my sister [Kylie] was ill with breast cancer [in 2005] I had so much Botox because I didn’t want people to see the devastation on my face.’)

She nods: ‘I don’t think I’m the only woman to use Botox that way,’ she says, ‘except a lot of times I think it might be a subconscious thing – that you don’t want people to see how you really feel. But I’m genuinely happy now.

'I’m dog-tired because I’m a single mother and no one warns you how tiring having a super-active little boy is. But life is good. And it’s the same for my sister [who is engaged to the 29-year-old British actor Joshua Sasse].

It’s a good time for the Minogue women.’ She pauses. ‘And I’ve got fatter. I think having a little fat on your body is better than Botox in terms of looking good as you get older.’

Dannii talks happily about her new show, how well it is going, how solicitous Barlow has been, and how she has bonded with guest judge Lulu (‘she sends me video clips of her grandson, who is the same age as Ethan’). She remembers the young Take That from when she was appearing on Top of the Pops.

‘My make-up artist told me we had to go and have a peek at this new boy band who were doing a photo shoot in their dressing room,’ she says. ‘We sneaked in and they were wearing Lycra with codpieces and no tops. They were so excited and such distinct personalities.’

We all know how popular Dannii is as a judge (she survived four series of The X Factor in the UK, six seasons of Australia’s Got Talent and three of The X Factor in Australia). Barlow says of her, ‘She is the ultimate trooper. She understands all sides of the business. She’s a good human being and she’s a Minogue. Enough said.’

But, in truth, Dannii’s life revolves around Ethan. She left X Factor UK the year he was born, then quit Australian X Factor last year because Ethan was beginning his first year at primary school at home in Melbourne, and she didn’t want to spend four months in Sydney right at the start of his transition.

‘The irony is,’ she says, ‘that it actually works out better to commute back and forth to London to do Let It Shine than move to Sydney for four months. I’m the woman in the playground with the red eyes and I’ll be a bit bleary-faced when you see me on television, because I’m still terrible with jet-lag after all these years.

'But if I can do a job and be able to spend most of my days taking Ethan to school and picking him up again [her parents take over when she’s not there] then that’s a sacrifice I’m happy to make. I have one child – I never thought I’d ever have a child,’ she continues, ‘and he is the real sunshine in my life.’

Dannii was the Minogue who always had to try harder to make people love her. At the start of her career she was overshadowed by her dazzling elder sister Kylie (there are three years between them).

Where Kylie was cute and squeaky clean, Dannii was the dangerous Minogue, getting married and divorced before the age of 25 (to Julian McMahon, the son of the former Australian Prime Minister William), and celebrating her return to singledom by posing for Playboy and dating a string of eligible bachelors, including the Formula 1 racing driver Jacques Villeneuve (they were engaged for two years until 2001).

The public was convinced that the siblings were bitter rivals, with Dannii jealous of her older sister’s fame. It was only when Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer that the world began to see a different side to Dannii.

‘I’m often told by people that I’ve changed, but I never really changed, it’s just that I had such a bad reputation. It was a good story that I was this wild child who was jealous of her sister.’

Knowing both Dannii and Kylie over the years, I can vouch for their closeness. When Simon Cowell disclosed that he had had a fling with Dannii in a 2012 biography by Tom Bower, it was Kylie who rushed to her sister’s defence. ‘He [Cowell] doesn’t need to do those things. Or maybe he does,’ she said. ‘I don’t know the guy.’

Dannii is more gracious about Simon. She says she will be forever grateful to him for giving her a platform on X Factor in 2007. ‘It was that, and Kylie’s illness, that made people reassess who I really was.’

We talk about her relationship with Kylie. Both sisters have been through career highs and lows, both have faced personal traumas from ill health to break-ups.

‘Life hasn’t been smooth sailing for either of us,’ she says. ‘We’ve had some incredibly lucky, wonderful times and we’ve had a lot of dark days. But I don’t think there’s a woman out there who hasn’t experienced both in her life.

‘All I do know is I have a sister – and a family – who I love very dearly. If there’s something wrong with my sister, I can’t even sleep at night and it’s the same with her about me. Our family has always been very close.’

When Kylie was ill, Dannii talks about reading letters from her sister’s fans. ‘We’d get letters addressed to “The Minogues, Australia”. Handwritten letters from people who probably never thought they would ever be seen.

'But they were. We’d read them out to her. Beautiful, lovely letters, and they helped us all so much – not just Kylie. All of us felt this huge warmth and in times of great suffering there really is comfort in strangers.’

With Kylie set to marry Joshua, would Dannii consider a double-Minogue wedding by walking up the aisle with Adrian? Dannii shakes her head. ‘He’s very, very private,’ she says. ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen. Things are good as they are.’

As to whether she will have more children, she looks thoughtful. ‘Growing up, it was Kylie who always wanted kids and I never really did,’ she says. ‘When my brother Brendan [46] had his little boy [Charles, now 10], I hadn’t a clue even how to hold him. I remember being really impressed by Kylie because she just instinctively knew what to do.

'When he was a bit older, she’d be the one rolling on the floor with him, making him laugh his head off and I’d be thinking: “What do I do?” When I got pregnant I was completely shocked. But having a baby changed everything. Kylie has been incredible with Ethan. She just loves him – I love to see them together.’

It must be poignant to know that her sister has given up hope of having children of her own. She nods. ‘It’s a great sadness for her, it’s a great sadness for me and it’s also made me really understand how blessed I was to be a mother.

'Kylie wrote a song called Flower about how she feels about motherhood. It’s so beautiful it makes me cry. But you just don’t know what is going to happen in life.’

I ask for the Minogue secret to life and survival. She laughs: ‘Good family, good genes,’ she says. ‘We definitely get it from our grandmother, Millicent. Right now, we are all in the midst of organising her birthday party. She’s 97 and she’ll be the one enjoying herself the most. Millicent is the original Minogue.’

‘Let It Shine’ is on BBC One on Saturday nights at 7pm


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Кайли что-то записывает в студии :roll:

Хорошо бы это были не рождественские песни и не студийки концертных версий старых песен для корпоративов и не кавер для саундтрека к провальному фильму %)


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Дэйв Берри рассказал, что из всех кавер-версий на его The Crying Game его любимая - та, что сделала Кайли.
"Я считаю, что визуализация совершенно потрясающая, я увидел видео на ютьюбе и оно мне понравилось, так что версия Кайли самая любимая навсегда. Я никогда не встречался с Кайли лицом к лицу, но я бы хотел сказать ей, какую фантастическую работу она проделала с The Crying Game".
Источник: http://www.dailypost.co.uk/whats-on/60s ... y-12504874


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hemulith, и с этим невозможно не согласиться!


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В новости с угарным названием сообщили, что Кайли возглавляет список женщин-знаменитостей, с которыми британцы не против сходить на свидание в день святого валентина. Кайли, не тупи :nora:
http://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/offb ... -1-8387025


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Боссы Channel 5 мечтают заполучить Кайли в качестве ведущей шоу Blind Date, возрожденного через 14 лет после закрытия - аналог Любви с первого взгляда. :fool:
http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/reality-tv ... t-rumours/

Ой, не надо :O:


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Будет Кайли - Роза Сябитова


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Кайли Волкова и Борис Крюк :D

Новость старая, но не помню такой. Оказывается Lhuna была запланирована триплетом Coldplay, Minogue, Bowie, но Боуи остался недоволен качеством песни
https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/ ... rnish.html


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Если я правильно поняла, то каталог PWL Кайли отошел к ее нынешнему лейблу BMG
http://www.musicweek.com/publishing/rea ... ada/067735

Если нет, поправьте, пожалуйста те, кто разбирается во всей этой гуманитарной фигне %)


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hemulith писал(а): Если я правильно поняла, то каталог PWL Кайли отошел к ее нынешнему лейблу BMG
Это случилось уже тогда, когда Кайли сама "отошла" к лейблу BMG. Суть же текущей статьи в том, что BMG меняет глобальную политику продаж записей и альбомов "своих" музыкантов, отказываясь от услуг многочисленных дистрибьютеров по всему миру, взамен замыкая всю цепь ритейлеров, занимающихся распространением музыки как на физических носителях, так и по средством "цифры", на едином дистрибьютере ADA, являющегося частью Warner Music Group. В отношении Кайли это касается каталога всех записей, сделанных под лейблом PWL.


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Кайли прошла прослушивание на роль нового голоса Стивена Хокинга (с 3:11)

Не на ту песню ссылается. Для Хокинга надо было аргументировать песней про сингулярные места.


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hemulith писал(а): Хорошо бы это были не рождественские песни и не студийки концертных версий старых песен для корпоративов и не кавер для саундтрека к провальному фильму %)
:D хорошо сказано. Говорят теперь это будет что то типа Спиннинг эраунд.


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Mihon писал(а):
:D хорошо сказано. Говорят теперь это будет что то типа Спиннинг эраунд.
Я решила считать это троллингом :ci:


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И приз в номинации "синхронные прыжки на те же грабли" уходит новости...
Кайли вернулась к Оливье Мартинезу!!11
http://www.independent.ie/style/celebri ... 61102.html
А спонсоры этой новости - агентство ОБС
Источник видел, как Кайли и Оливье ужинали в лос-анджелесском отеле Chateau Marmont в весьма непринужденной атмосфере, а потом держась за руки ушли в закат прошли в нумера. Но фото, видимо в связи с последними криминальными выходками Мартинеза, сделать не решился
и Дмитрий Киселев
другой отважный потому что с мотоциклом между ног бежать за папарации неудобно источник таки сделал фото, как Оливье покидает тот самый лос-анджелесский отель Chateau Marmont, фото из которого накануне выложила в своем инстаграме Кайли
и в качестве вишенки на этом торте
не выдержав таких потрясающих известий, Холи Берри наконец выгнала Мартинеза из своего дома, спустя 7 месяцев после официального развода, который, кстати, тоже происходил далеко не в спринтерском темпе.
http://www.lifeandstylemag.com/posts/ha ... out-137706
Как будут развиваться события, покажет время :O:


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Очередная оперативная сводка от агентства ОБС
Оливье с Кайли в принципе уже не прочь и пожениться, но считают что надо ещё немножечко подумать. А пока думают, проведут повторный кастинг Мартинеза у родителей Кайли в Австралии.
http://www.independent.ie/style/celebri ... 81789.html

У предыдущего свидания появилась конкретная дата - 17 июля - и поскольку есть свидетельства пребывания Кайли 15 и 18 июля в Нэшвилле (4 часа лета до Лос-Анджелеса), либо все действительно настолько серьезно, либо склонность к телепортации подтверждает божественную сущность :nora: